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When you are a property owner no matter the specific one you have—residential or commercial—there is a lot of work on your hands. You constantly have to worry about how it looks and make sure no part of it is in bad shape or too deteriorated. After all, many accidents can take place when your floor is not in its place when your roof seems about to fall, and many other areas of your property. Besides, if you have a commercial one, you need to impress your clients and people who visit it and always go there. Otherwise, you will have fewer points in attracting people to your business and making sure they not only enjoy your services but also their long or short stay there.

What about residential ones? Do they also require so much attention? Of course, they do! And for many reasons. We can start by mentioning the safety and guarantee that you enjoy every part of your home. No one wants to leave in a place where he or she hates the floors, furniture, walls, and details that are actually important the more you spend time in it. Therefore, what do you think is the best step to take in those circumstances?

Remodeling and starting new projects around the parts and areas of the property that need some upgrades is quite a good initiative, and much cheaper than just going for a brand-new one. That being said, where do you think you should start? Every part of the property is crucial for the final design and the results you want to obtain in both functionality and aesthetics. However, if you want a starting point that can also be handled while you focus on other aspects or areas, consider going for your roof.

Roofing systems are a huge part of the property, and we are not only referring to them in a functional way—protecting everything inside. They are also crucial to guarantee the specific look you want for your home or business and ensure you will not have to worry about it deteriorating anytime soon.

For roofing, you will have to take your time, not in the process itself of installing, replacing, or any other service you might need to perform, but rather in the decision-making phase. Unlike what most people believe, there are way too many roofing options in the market, and unless you have a good idea of what you want and need, you will have to go through everything. However, here is a quick tip: did you know that metal roofs can help you to obtain any type of design or style?

This means you can go for them regardless of the idea and design you have in mind for your roof and rest assured that besides an amazing aesthetic result, you will get a durable and long-lasting roof. But why metal roofs over other options? There are many reasons for us to recommend it, starting with the fact that our company specializes in this industry.

We at Quality Metal Roofing Crew of West Palm Beach know everything about metal roofing and their potential for residential and commercial properties. We are not suggesting it just because we are a company that can handle every service you need; we also want you to discover all the benefits that come with them. Therefore, before you make your decision or ignore this recommendation and lose a huge opportunity, let’s go over every single detail and in the meantime, allow us to show you who we are.

Why would you choose metal roofs instead of other roofing systems? 

To understand why we and many other people would make such a bold recommendation, you need to know all the benefits that come with them.

This may be confusing for several people since the metal roof is not that cheap compared to, for example, asphalt. But when you consider the few repairs and maintenance you will have to perform over the years, and the previous elements mentioned, you conclude that it is worth its price. Besides, just like any other roofing option, you get different options that go from standard to premium.

Even if you choose one of the cheapest options, you still get the most basic benefits. You might sacrifice some elements like designs and colors, but you still can get very good results. Now, when compared to other roofs such as slate or clay, every option in the market for metal roofs is definitely cheaper. It is all about considering the options and variety available. We are sure you can find something that meets your budget without having to sacrifice any characteristics.

We briefly mentioned before that you can choose the specific metal to use. Well, metal roofs give you 4 options: aluminum, copper, zinc, and steel. For people who live on the coast or cities and towns where the beach is the main attraction, fighting the salt-water corrosion is a priority. Although every metal roof provides resistance to it, you can go for aluminum, which has proven to have a better performance in this type of area.

However, if you are looking for a design in specific and you do not want to go for material just because of an issue, you can still choose the one you end up preferring. Any will do as long as the panels, shingles, or tiles are made properly and covered with the right coating.

There is a wrong idea about metal roofs: that all of them look dull, provide industrial designs only, and cannot be painted. Well, this is far from reality since you have a large variety of options waiting for you, and despite the material you choose, you still have a lot of choices to make. Most metal roofs come in different designs and you can choose different colors that can be obtained with paint or with the right coating layer.

Also, the textures and features of each panel, shingle, or tile can be unique for the look you are trying to obtain for the property. There is a lot you do not know about metal roofing and that is completely fine. But open your mind and start looking at the real options for this type of roof.

Another aspect that most people ignore is that metal roofs do not have problems with heat or hot weather. It is quite the opposite: since they reflect it, they make possible the action of cooling down the property in very hot places. In Florida, this is plus since many people spend a lot of energy and money in using air conditioners even when it is not summer.

Well, with a metal roof you can prevent this at least during the seasons when it is more bearable. As for rain or snow, they can stand even heavy ones. There is no need to worry about the climate, however, it is true some of the materials available work better depending on the final results you are trying to obtain and related to the wind in the area as well.

Can your property have a metal roof installed?

One of the beauties of metal roofing systems is that they can be installed in every single property. It does not matter the size, if it already has a roof installed, or if it is new construction. By now, you already know you do not have to worry about it being a business or your home, you can have it as long as your structure also allows it. More than being able to install it, you need to choose the right system for the property. 

According to the distribution and how the base has been placed, you can decide what specific system you will install. However, you should not think too much about this as a problem. Metal roofs come in panels that are quite long and enough to cut and bend to obtain a specific design or style. If you want tiles or shingles, you can also obtain them. In short, it is simple to mold the roof according to your needs and preferences. But just like any other roofing project, it is important to perform an inspection to determine the state of the property itself. 

If the construction is new, you should already have the information and idea of what needs to be done in general. But for properties with history and some considerations to keep in mind, an inspection is the least they need. Part of our job as roofers and contractors is to always put safety before anything. Inspections allow us to do this since we can assess the real problem with the roof, determine if the metal roof can be installed over it, or if you need to remove the old one. Also, if we are already dealing with a metal roof, how can we know if you just need some new panels instead of an entire replacement without an inspection? It is quite impossible to do this. 

Mostly because dealing with roofs means they are either old or damaged. And even when you are going for the project because you want a new design or roofing system, we do not know how much damage your roof has received over the years. It is a long process, but going back to the main question: it can be installed anywhere. You just need the right professionals and our company will come in handy with this.

Did you make up your mind? Here is what’s next

If you finally made the decision of going for a metal roof, here is when we start doing our job. And no, our assistance does not start with installing or performing any service you need if you already have one.  It starts right at the moment when decision-making takes place. For now, we are going to talk about installations and what it takes to get this project done.

First, you need to make sure that you are going for the right material, and according to this choice, you need to think about the colors, profiles, designs, and more. There is a lot to consider and possibilities on the table. As a result, you have a lot of choices to make. We know it is difficult to handle this alone due to how overwhelming it is even when you are a bit more informed with the details we just shared.

But that is not all and metal roofs entail many other elements we do not have the time to mention, and you usually get to know them when you are already in the process, which is the best option. Now, what material do you need? You can answer this question by considering several elements:

  • The climate in the city or town.
  • The design you want for the property.
  • Colors and profiles.
  • The variety that comes with each one.

To make it simpler, we can help you by showing you the most requested and common designs used with each material. Or you can give us an idea of what you are trying to achieve, even if it means you are going to show us a roof made of another material. This can give us an idea of what we are looking for you and the possibilities of finding it faster go up from 20 to 90%. Metal roofs can imitate other materials when you make the right choices, and this is why we will be there for you since the beginning.

After all these choices are made, what needs to be done in order to get the final result? Well, besides choosing the material, colors, and coating, you need to decide the shape of the roof. Most of the time, the vertical shape of the panels is what people go for and it does not look bad but rather the opposite. However, we understand, it may not be what you want and you want to be for something bolder and unique. This is why we need to come to terms with the cuts and bends we will have to perform to obtain the design you want. A clear example of this is tapered panels.

Tapered roofs require more attention due to their initial structure where you cannot install any material in a random way. Metal is amazing for this type of structure and it is thanks to the main concept we have mentioned already: cutting and bending. Next, you can get other shapes according to the orientation of the roof and what you need at the end. Our contractors and experts will handle the task without problems and make sure every piece is in place. When it comes to the step of acquiring the materials, we did not ignore it.

Our company provides the elements and materials to use, which is why we did not want to mention it until now. When you are making choices, we will add them to our list and provide the materials required. We work with high-quality brands that also offer amazing prices. Therefore, do not worry about the shopping process since we will handle it and make sure you are happy with them before making the final buying. Overall, we can handle the entire process and this is what a real and reliable company in the industry should do.

Where can you find our services? 

Now that you know the essentials about metal roofs, you need to know why we are your best option for contractors and professionals. And of course, where you can access every service we offer. Our company Quality Metal Roofing Crew of West Palm Beach has been in business for many years, and we are happy to say that you can get to our offices in every city and town located in Palm Beach County. 

Most of the metal roofing companies in the area have limits about where they can reach and how they can help you. It is not easy to provide metal roofing services in the first place, and even less when you consider all the places that need assistance in the county. However, we have put a lot of effort, time, and money into being able to get to your property. Therefore, if you have an installation project in mind, do not even hesitate to contact us. 

Although we have focused on installation so far since it is the most requested service, we can do much more for you if you already have a metal roof installed. Our contractors and professionals are able to perform repairs, either small or serious ones that take some time and expertise. From fasteners out of place to gutter in the stucco or walls. As for the rest, our services include replacing a metal roof, re-roofing or retrofitting it, installing very specific roofing systems, and options for new constructions.

It is simple to handle metal roofs, as long as you have our experience and training. However, if we have to compare it to installing other roofing systems, yes, it is ten times easier thanks to the main characteristic of metal roofs: they are lightweight. This allows us to work with every piece without struggling and the risks of accidents are very low. All this sounds like a lot, and we are sure you have many things in your mind that are impossible to process for now. This is why here is one last recommendation: take your time.

Roofing projects are never easy to perform and handle. And when you want the best results, you need to think carefully about what you are going to choose and do. We are here for you for anything you need. And although the choices, decisions, and every detail is completely up to you, we are willing to give you a hand every time. If you ended up being interested in our services, you can get more information about them on our website.

We have our service pages where you can read about each service available. Also, find the main cities where we are located, and let’s not forget about more information about us and our contact details.

You can call or email us as well to inquire about anything that is on your mind. We know you have many doubts and questions right now, and we would love to answer and clear all of them before starting the project. Make sure to visit us if you are near so one of our experts and contractors can have a chat with what you have in mind and the entire design you are looking for. Our company will never disappoint, and we assure you the best results will always be delivered. Leave everything to us and just sit after you finish your part and let our contractors deal with the hard work that can only be handled by them to ensure the best metal roof for your home or business.

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