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When people start looking for a new roofing system, the first requirements they need to find in the option they have in front of them is that it is durable and long-lasting. Otherwise, there is no point in having a beautiful roof that will last only a couple of years or give you many headaches when it comes to repairs.

When evaluating all the options in the market, you will notice there is a large variety of designs and styles depending on the material you choose. And when it comes to residential properties, people love to install asphalt shingles, slate, and clay tiles. But they forget about what we just said: durability and longevity. None of the previous options can promise or offer more than 25 or 30 years, and during those years, you will have to perform repairs, replace some pieces, and do not forget about maintenance. They end up being quite expensive when you think about everything you have to invest in the future.

If you ask us, saving money is not only about doing it at the beginning but also in the long-term, which is more efficient than doing it at the very start. Therefore, if you want a roof that can meet the main requirements, do not neglect standing seam. Standing seam is made of a specific metal you choose from the 4 different options available: steel, aluminum, zinc, and copper. This metal roofing system is much more durable and promising than asphalt shingles and even expensive roofs like slate.

They offer over 60 years of longevity and the designs you can get from it are not limited to a couple of options. It is quite the opposite: you have over a dozen and you can always get creative with it. You might be familiar with metal roofs overall but for only commercial buildings. However, in Palm Beach County and even in the entire state of Florida, they are getting quite popular among residential properties, and for very good reasons.

Besides the previous benefits and characteristics, homeowners or business owners that decide to install any metal roofing system get an average ROI of 85%. And they do not have to sacrifice aesthetics or looks in order to obtain the other benefits. In the case of standing seam, you should definitely go for it if you are trying to obtain a modern design for your property. It can look amazing in restaurants and commercial buildings that many people visit during the day. But this standing seam metal roof can be even more promising in a home that just needs the right roof to be completed.

We promise you that you will not regret the decision of installing it, especially because it means you will get access to high-quality materials. And with our contractors at Quality Metal Roofing Crew of West Palm Beach, you will have the most stunning roof in the area.

Where can you find our services? 

Now that you know the essentials about metal roofs, you need to know why we are your best option for contractors and professionals. And of course, where you can access every service we offer. Our company Quality Metal Roofing Crew of West Palm Beach has been in business for many years, and we are happy to say that you can get to our offices in every city and town located in Palm Beach County. 

Standing seam metal roof types and extra benefits

To understand the range of the designs and styles you can get from it, you need to dive into the different types available. There are 4 types in particular and the ones that most people use due to the coating and paint used to protect the material as well:

Steel is quite an interesting material among metal roofs, and there is a reason why it is so popular: because it is more durable and long-lasting than the rest of the materials available. However, it is also thanks to the 3 variations it offers, and one of them is galvalume.

They are more resistant to corrosion than the previous option thanks to the coating of zinc and aluminum alloy. You can say that with this type of coating you have the amazing properties of the steel and aluminum together, and you still get the chance to be creative about the color and style.

Mentioned before, it is the favorite among property owners from both areas—residential and commercial. It is thanks to the cost and the promises of durability thanks to the zinc coating that guarantees to prevent corrosion and rust. As you already know, steel is promising in every single presentation, so there is nothing more we can mention about this type.

They are not the usual or most common options for this design in specific, but that does not mean they are not a good choice. The real reason behind people not choosing them is due to the price. Just like any other roofing industry and material, you have standard and premium options.

Zinc and copper are quite expensive due to their durability, which can even surpass steel due to how resistant they are by themselves. A proof of this is the many properties you can see in towns that have a zinc roof installed. It is quite simple but pays off every cent. If you are not worried about costs or prices, you can definitely go for this.

Regardless of the one you choose; the installation is not different. All of them come in the same presentation: metal panels. This means you will obtain a vertical look that will be installed for our roofers and well-trained contractors.

Now, you still need to perform maintenance, which we can handle for you in the future. For the other services and needs related to standing seam metal roof, you can always count on us. If you have more questions about this type of metal roof or need some help to make the decision, contact us right away.

There is one thing we can add for now: you will not regret going for this option. You might need to invest a bit more money compared to other systems, but it will be worth every penny.

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